The Places We Know

by Ghost Ocean

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Recorded by Ian Van Opijnen @ Echoroom Studio

Mastered by Carl Saff @ Saff Mastering

Artwork by Josh Smith


released December 28, 2012



all rights reserved


Ghost Ocean Worcester, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Perfection Of Form
A certain fire in that smile you wear
There was something that we shared
When the sea slowly fades away
We will leave for home in my heart you'll stay
and never find your way out
These tides are starting to come in

This beautiful process is a seizure in a dream
We shook the world as it sleeps
There is no other place I’d rather be
as long as you are next to me

As I drown in your eyes at night I see the oceans end in sight
Then we can fade away
You kept me in a hold for days
I never found my way out
You’re always going to drag me in
You'll always drag me in

When you want it
and you need it
you see perfection

You found the better way out
But this isn't what you expected
We found those better days here
This is all we ever wanted

We have the chance to feel all of this
So shut up and take the chance
Enjoy the ride

This is not what we expected
Track Name: Blank Canvas
It’s never so easy
We fell down but we're breathing
With each step the road froze as life moves the deep cold
You carry this weight
A set back, another mistake
See the world’s warmth as it leaves it behind

It’s so comical when faced with this failing art
We are the colors in movement
There is something to display in these changing days
We are the colors in movement
The portraits of progress

The victims never heard that life moves on and on
Past the saddest days
The days we never forget
So face it, the weakness is stopping the artist
We fall down to get up
This portrait is never perfect

All we want on this blank canvas
Is the perfect picture of the way it was
The best, the worst, the love, the hurt
In the end we hang on walls
Memories that we recall
The big, the small
We lived it all

It’s so comical you’re faced with this failing art
We killed the artist and it’s so comical
There is something to display in these changing days
We killed the artist
The portraits the progress
We are lost artists
Track Name: In Clear View
This is our common ground
A place where I found you
Where nothing is a mystery and anything goes
You showed me the consistency I needed to know
I know you won’t disappear

You are the constant and few
These stories have changed
We're still the same
You will be here any day
You feel the comfort renewed
These seasons have changed
but I'm still the same
I will be there any day

We wander around the world thinking back to the place that defined our lives
It wasn't easy to see people fleeting
We stay awake just to see faces leaving
We always knew to make it through it would be up to me and you

I won't disappear

This is our home
Places that we know
This is our home
Faces that we hold
Track Name: Chase The Life
This is the finest stage
Where distance gets closer with time
Surrender your life
Change the set, we're fine

We see in photographs

We gave this stage all we had until it all makes sense
This is our time to find our signs and follow through
This is the show where hearts will grow

We chase the life as we live in circles
The bands played on remembering the glory in our stories
Sing with a voice and never forget
Join in the chorus and feel no regret

This is all we know
We fight this life and find a way
Track Name: Small Town
Chasing you in these games we play
Your moves are on as I sit and wait
The Faster we play for our fame we move on or find our stay
In this mad mad world we could steal moments from the sane and look away
Is this real or just a hoax?
We are the lost ghosts

It’s faster to take the blame
An empty page with no words to say
You started this, I’ll finish it

At least we knew
There was something to hold onto
This is our dance we remember
At least we knew
This was never just a fast view
It’s our fight
I’ll be your defender

Deny the way it tastes
Chasing words so far away
In time we change
The saddest pain is the loser’s fame
It's harder if we play the game but it's faster to run away
This time just stay
Then we'll move on to better days and somehow I’ll find the place
Never look away

There is no easy way out
I hear the noise of this small town
There is a place for us now
Can you hear those sounds?
Track Name: Crowded Sound
This is such a mess
We scream loud songs with lost lyrics
Then we know we'll always find our way
(This time we'll get it right)
When these makeshift moments at misplaced minutes never gave us the time to figure this all out

We could shout
take the breath from our lungs
Finally were moving on

As the world shuts down we hear the crowd screaming as they find a way to be found
(this is a dying sound)
In the silence of times we wait for the signs
Singing while were dying
We never felt so alive

Embrace these days
Live these moments
Sing so loud that chaos will be found
(We know we'll be alright)
Find those words in the biggest crowds
Casualties in the dead sound
but we can say we made it

When chaos has left you bare
we keep on fighting the times we fear
Silence kills the heart, it wants to scream the thoughts we share

When chaos has left you bare
we keep on fighting the times we fear
Silence kills the heart, it wants to scream with those thoughts and the lives we share

Scream loud as we found chaos in this dying sound